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This weeks offers…

And while you're here, why not take advantage of these special offers and boost your troops morale with this weeks cut price reinforcements...




American Civil war offer
Reference: 1-72 OFFERS
Black Friday malarky, here we go, so www.1-72.co.uk offer of 3 Boxes of HaT figures: 4 Battalion packs of Newline Designs: And the Italeri Farmhouse Battle which includes: Farmhouse and Barn, Artillery for union and Confederate, Union and Confederate infantry and artillery and accessories. all for...
1 Rapid fire reloaded rule book 1 box of British infantry from Plastic Soldier Company 1 Box of German infantry from the plastic Soldier Company 1 Box of Armourfast Sherman M4A 1 Box of Armourfast Panzer III 1 Box of Armourfast Farmhouse
1-72 Model Figures battle for the Reichstag incluses Armourfast 215/1 Armourfast Su -*% tank destroyer Pegasus Germans in Berlin Pegasus Russian Infantry Italeri set. including MDF Reichstag, T34 Tank 88mm Anti tank gun flak crew German Infantry Russian Infantry
War-game set deal Hougoumont Battle set, The Hougoumont Chateau - British Infantry- Nassau Infantry- and three boxes of French infantry free postage to UK mainland
Spanish Napoleonic Infantry Division 4 x HaT set 8302 Line Infantry 2 x Hat Set 8301 grenadiers 2 x Hat set 8300 Light Infantry 2 x HaT set 8303 Spanish Command 1 x Emhar Spanish Infantry 1 x Hat Spanish sampler box which has a sprue of each of the HaT above.
Waterloo Mega bundle
Reference: MF700
WATERLOO MEGA BUNDLE (INCLUDING THE WATERLOO COMMPANION BY MARK ADKIN) £525.00 post free to the UK, . 42 boxes of figures two battle sets and th ego to book on the battle giving everything you need! Mark Adkin The Waterloo Companion Book (out of print) Italeri Le Haye Sainte Farmh...
WW2 Battle Deal Offer
Reference: 1-72 OFFERS
November offer for 1/72 WW2 Wargaming Operation Cobra: 2 French Houses: German Paratropers: The following quick build kits Sdkfz 251/1 Panther Ausf G. Sherman M4A3 76mm M3 Halftrack: US Infantry One extra box of US Infantry and a box each of German Infantry and German 81mm Mortar and tripod MG4...