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Warefare 2021 At Ascot Race Course

Posted on 19th November, 2021

Looking forward to Warfare Reading 2021 see you all there!

Shows 2021/22

Posted on 9th August, 2021

Its been a while since the last post, so many channels to feed, here is a list of shows we are attending so far with restrictions being lifted.

SELWG 17th October

Warfare 27th/28Th November

Broadside 4th December 2021


if you have any orders you would like us to bring to the shows please let us know.


We will be adding more shows as they open up. 


Thanks very much




What are you looking for?

Posted on 14th July, 2020
With the huge plethora of kits and figures available to us all, is there a range of figures that you would like us to stock, or a genre of land sea or air that seems to be difficult to find in enough numbers?
If so please let me know and I will look into stocking them…just remember it has to be in the best scale …namely 1-72 !!
All the best good gaming modelling and collecting.

Update from the frontline

Posted on 18th June, 2020

Hi everyone, its a been a while since the last time we posted anything from the ramparts of 1-72 Model figures, we have been besieged with orders in the lockdown, delivering as quickly as our trebuchet can fling them over the walls. So thank you all for your continued support, Keep safe and well, and lets all look forward to the first open war-game show thats available and that first war-game with our chums that I am sure we are all looking forward to… especially with all those new painted and based units!

Cavalier 2020 Apology

Posted on 23rd February, 2020

Cavalier 2020 an apology

Having set off this morning at 5:45am, looking forward to the Cavalier Show. the wind ripped open our top box containing our shelving, fortuantely we were on an minor road and could stop to gather some sort of control. We decided that if it happened once a low speed, it wasnt safe to continue onto faster roads and the Motorways so decided to limp home.

We are sorry to not have been able to attend, and feel miserale at missing the show, our first time as traders but proably our first in ten years as wargamers and collectors.

Anybody that was looking to have picked boxes up, If you order online we will post out post free to you 

Sorry again

David and Mandy

Beachhead show

Posted on 18th February, 2020

Hi Everyone, 


We had a great show at Beachhead this year, it was our first time at the Beachhead, and the first time I have visited as a wargamer. We had a great time, a good laugh with fellow wargamers and collectors. It became apparent that up and down the land, there are men folk walking home thinking, "Hopefully she's gone out, and I can get this lot through" 


So on that note I hope enough made it through, and see you at the next show!


Rememer to Roll High or enjoy trying!



Crisis 2019

Posted on 8th November, 2019

8th of November 2019

To all the wargamers, modellers and traders converging towards Crisis in Antwerp, have a great show. Make sure you fill your boots with plenty of winter rainy day projects. Back at HQ 1-72 we will keep the home fires burning...all together now ...."we'll play again ..dont know where, dont know when.. but I know we'll play again..on wargame night"