Cavalier 2020 Apology

Posted on 23rd February, 2020

Cavalier 2020 an apology

Having set off this morning at 5:45am, looking forward to the Cavalier Show. the wind ripped open our top box containing our shelving, fortuantely we were on an minor road and could stop to gather some sort of control. We decided that if it happened once a low speed, it wasnt safe to continue onto faster roads and the Motorways so decided to limp home.

We are sorry to not have been able to attend, and feel miserale at missing the show, our first time as traders but proably our first in ten years as wargamers and collectors.

Anybody that was looking to have picked boxes up, If you order online we will post out post free to you 

Sorry again

David and Mandy

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Sorry to have missed you at Cavalier. Wise move to retreat on this occasion. Other shows to advance to. Thankfully order to Suffolk arrived in good time thank you and well packaged. No others filled the gap at Cavalier but enjoyed first time at show. Off to Hammerhead next then Salute. Take care.