Wargaming - a lifelong passion

As with most collectors and wargamer’s the hobby for me evolved with the Airfix sets of the 1970s, collecting as many as my pocket money and chores could stretch to, together with a paper round, birthdays and Christmas!

Very quickly the ranks of many eras were filled with miniatures, losses caused by the hoover, dog or missing in action in the garden rockery, would soon be replaced with another box. With so many hours of fun, it was a matter of time before the need for organisation and uniform guides came to the front, these with rules and ideas of how to play the big game were and are never too far away from the job at hand.


An early love of plastic 

With many years under the belt of collecting and gaming it is with great fondness that I reflect on those old kits of the 70s, and as I am sure many of you feel the same. They may look old and tired, and in some cases brittle (rather like a unit I expected to hold during a recent game). But they do conjure up the memory of being totally absorbed in the figures, both individually and the box, with the one that refused to stand up, save for a carpet tuft for support!

Wargaming with friends or alone
Whether with our friends or alone it's a great hobby. My friend Karl, who I have known for over 40 years, often find ourselves discussing previous battles we have had. We still get the occasional game together when time allows, failing that a game of Risk. I remember transposing the dice mechanism used in Risk, by way of an early rule option for kill rates for a game. Skip forward and it's with a great bunch of chums that I game with now, you know how you are. Add to that, the many more I have met going to shows and talking over the phone, which proves what a great hobby it is, with great folk who either game solo or in a group all who enjoy the brilliance of model soldiers.
The next generation
Step forward a number of years and it is with Tom my son, evening's are spent painting and discussing units to collect. I am sure with my grandson Carter, there will be a time very soon, where units will have to be given…well sacrificed under the “Can I paint that Grandad” rule of ownership. 
After years finally capitulation
My long suffering wife Mandy, who would always smile and say you have done that well. Now she does actually say those lancers you finished look good, are they French? Proud moments! If you come along to the shows you will meet the good lady, she is in the 'pay here' seat. Always with a smile for many of us that roll low on heroic action tests when it comes to purchases and getting them home.

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