Helping you to victory

New recruits and supplies

Every General needs more men and equipment to win a battle and we're here 24/7 to supply you with reinforcements, equipment, landscapes and buildings all in glorious 1:72 scale. We have large stocks from all the major manufactureres and if we don't have it we'll do our very best to get before that next big skirmish. Give us a call us on 01843 292723 or send an email. Don't panic the Cavalry are coming, unless of course you need more infantry...


Missing in action?

Having difficulty finding a particular set? Let us know and we will trawl our list of suppliers to try and get them boys home.
Preliminary bombardment 
Never miss a new release again! When new figures and sets come out, why not pre order and reserve them as soon as they're launched? Drop us a line to find out more.
Back to barracks
If you need to return any unit that isn’t fit, lacks morale or is not up to your expectation, drop us a line and we'll sort them with a court martial or a refund.... See our terms and conditions for full details.